Something occurred to me during this last week and I want to share with you…

I think that I do worse when I put the focus on the scale. And I feel, as the owner of my FB health and wellness page, a lot of pressure to lose my extra weight and lose it fast. I feel like I am letting folks down if I don’t lose this weight.

And as that pressure mounts, I turn to self sabotage.

I think that I need to focus more on stress release and not so much on “GETTING THE POUNDS OFF!!!”…I think that mindset is crazy making for me.

I think that I need to focus on starting my day in a way that is most healthy for me — hot tea, very good breakfast, and exercise that I enjoy and that gets my blood pumping. And I think that I need to end the day with a very delicious, very clean dinner and an amazing self-guided yoga class and meditation. I think, if I’m doing this, then my body weight will take care of itself. I think, if I am doing this consistently, that it won’t matter what I weigh because I will feel good about myself.

What do you think? Am I just taking the easy way out? Am I second guessing myself?