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Though, as I alluded to in my last post, I’m swiveling things around a bit.

I am as focused on losing weight by the numbers as much as I am focused on eliminating my bad habits and replacing them with some good habits.

Since it’s almost December, a look back might be helpful – bad habits I eliminated in 2011 (and some previous years):

  • Fast Food – back in the day, that’s all I ate (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I bet I ate fast food less than 5 times this year. I’m pretty much done with it now and only eat it if I have to. This bad habit was replaced with a good habit – I pack my own breakfast and lunch for work, pretty much, everyday.
  • Quit smoking 7 years ago
  • Quit drinking soda (diet and regular) 5 years ago

Still working on:

  • Eliminating coffee (and cream and sugar) every morning. Lately I’ve been substituting hot tea or lemon water
  • Eliminating alcoholic beverages every night
  • Overeating – large portions
  • Being super critical of myself and my body
  • Not exercising – really have to find something I look forward to on a daily basis (5-6 times a week)

So it really is about baby steps…small changes over time…I can do that!