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Sandra Bullock in 28 Days. It’s one of my favorite Sandra B. movies.

There’s a scene in which she’s screwed up and she’s sitting with her group and they are all just giving her a bunch of shit. I mean, one right after another and she finally just yells, “I am having a bad day! The worst damn day of my whole damn life! If it is not too much to ask will you all just back the fuck off!”


That and Stuart Saves His Family are two of my favorite get-back-on-track movies.

I wish we all had the luxury of going on a retreat for 28 days (though, in the movie it’s a nice rehab center) – one of my dream vacations is to go on a yoga retreat for 21 days. Can you imagine? I would love it! Love it! Eat amazingly healthy food, hike, meditate, yoga, create a new life that is healthy and bright and shiny…full of hope and not weighed down with all that heavy, unresolved crap.

Oh there’s always talk therapy…or ‘magic’ pills…but I think it’s true, too, that putting the right things in your body and taking it out for a daily walk or stretching it out in a meditative way — I truly think these things are healing.

The question is, why am I so resistant? Though I do want to know if there’s some cocktail of hormones that really would make a difference in my life. (I am checking into that.) Either way, I know it’s really a combination of things – of all that.

Dr. Phil would probably say that there’s something I’m getting that keeps me where I am. And if I examine that and really try to answer the question, I’d say it’s because most of the time I get by. And, I guess, most of the time, ‘getting by’ is good enough for me. Which is kind of weird because my whole Gestalt is about ‘not being good enough’…

Just thinking…just ruminating…