I am looking forward to this spring. I am ready for new, clean energy!

Today, I’m taking a bunch of stuff over to Good Will – old clothes and electronics – hopefully others will find a way to repurpose the stuff that no longer serves me.

We have been sick for the past two weeks and I am itching to clean the house and get it sparkling. I wish it were warm enough to open all the windows – would love to get some fresh air circulating through the house for the weekend. It’s still really cold out so it’s really not an option right now. My work around? I plan to sit outside for a few hours today.

This year is going to be full of change – I have plans to make major changes in my life – physically, emotionally, and mentally. A few months ago I was in a different space…I knew that I wanted to make some changes but was just too busy and too tired to do anything about it. And now? I’m just fed up.

Last fall I went out with a friend who I have a bit in common with and who I had worked with on a few work projects – she told me about this book she’d read and really loved called A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel (one of the Skinny Bitch ladies) – she told me about her own work with a life coach and while I was excited for her, I didn’t feel like I needed to make any major changes at the time. Since then my hormones have gone wacky and there have been some shifts in other areas that have illuminated pockets of unhappiness in my life. I picked up the book a few days ago and have begun to read it but, symbolically, it feels like I’m coming to my own place of yes.

I no longer want to associate myself with people who constantly tell me, in word and deed, that I’m not good enough.

It’s a beautiful day out – so I am going to cut this post short – no need to sit here and whine! 😉

Have you ever felt like this – like you need to spring clean your life?