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I know that I am just a “few times a month” blogger – all the blogging best practices say that I should be updating frequently. But, I guess that’s just not my style. Sometimes I am just processing all the stuff that’s going on – when I get there, then I feel like I can write about it.

However, I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and she told me she was concerned about me based on my last post. That’s when it occurred to me that I need to write more updates – not everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Facebook too. So, if you didn’t know – I have a very active Facebook companion page to this blog. There it’s more like a conversation – more of a sharing community. Here, it’s a place where I share some of the stuff I’m processing about my journey.

So, since my last post – I seem to have found my motivation once more. Three things have happened in the past couple of weeks to help.

First, I contacted Angie Gooding and worked with her for a session – I needed a change in perspective and a couple of strategic tools to help me make some immediate changes. Angie was great for this! She helped me to change my perspective of moving my body and she helped me to see that what I want to do is not enough – that there are things I have to do in order to feel good. Like work, sometimes you don’t want to go but you don’t sit there and argue with yourself or debate about whether you’re going to work or not – you have bills to pay – so you go and you do your work. The exercise we worked through helped me to make that shift. Thanks Angie!

Second, I talked to another friend about my feelings of being stuck and not really knowing what I should do. As a doctor, she was able to give me some really good advice and that’s already been helpful in getting me to commit more to my eating plan.

And, third, I talked to my partner. I didn’t want to – I didn’t want to bother her. And maybe a piece of it was also that I didn’t want to have to be accountable to her too. But in the end, it was a very good talk. Frankly, she’s always on board with whatever I do but talking it out with her reassured me that I am doing the right things and that she will support me in the changes I need to make.

So – all this to say, I’m feeling much better!

And I think I’m going to start a companion blog to this – haha! I know, but it’s not writing so much as it’s just going to be a photo blog. If you’re subscribed to my What’s Eating You Facebook page, then you already know that I post lots of photos. In the last few months I’ve started getting a little more serious about my photography – I’ve pulled out all my equipment and entered a few photo challenges – so it seems like a natural progression. Stay tuned!