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The owner of the FB page, The Fountain of Health for Plant Happy People wanted to do a little blog challenge. I decided to participate. Each day we are to write about something that begins with a letter of the alphabet.

Sorry for the delay! ūüôā

Self-doubt creeps up on you, silent and stealthy. Then, before you know it, you’re doubting yourself and you stop dreaming of what you want to do. You fall into a rut.¬†

Oddly, all my life I have been a risk taker. Not an adrenalin¬†junkie…it’s more like, even if I have never done something before it is not a¬†deterrent – I will do it anyway.¬†If I see something or think of something I want to do, generally, I don’t stop to think about whether I can actually do it or not, I just set about doing it. Sometimes with not so great results¬†and sometimes with spectacular results. So being plagued with thoughts like, “I can’t do that because X,” doesn’t seem to fit.

But then, something as simple as losing weight –¬†a math equation as simple as, “calories in < calories out = weight loss” –¬†has eluded me for some time. Well, we all¬†know it’s not that simple, right?! Because we tell ourselves these stories that really aren’t true. After awhile we start to believe them – that we are too lazy or not ambitious enough, or don’t have enough self-control/motivation/support.

The hard thing is recognizing what’s going on. Sometimes it’s hard to see that we are mired in self-doubt and negativity. It seems like there is no way out but, honestly, a shift in perspective shows the way. Try to believe¬†in yourself. You have to believe that you can do it¬†– maybe right now it’s not perfect, but you will get there. You have to believe that all the previous failed attempts don’t matter because this time, this time, it’s going to work.

What will you do when pigs fly? I will run a half marathon!

Every time I’ve gotten thrown off track¬†the cause¬†was rooted in self-doubt. Some little something made me think, “F@%k it – this is taking too long…it’s not worth it…nothing ever changes…blahblahbleepbloop.”¬†

How to get around the self-doubt demon? Change your self-talk. Tell yourself new stories. Stop calling yourself names. Give yourself pep talks and encouragement. If you must call yourself names, make them positive (I am woman! I am kind! I am courageous! I am strong!).

There is no way to actualization Рactualization is the way.