Wild Spirituality

I am a wild spirit.

I don’t conform to any of the standard world religions.

I have explored many religious and spiritual paths. When I was just a young girl living in the deep south, I rejected the mysoginistic Christian faith of my parents and our neighbors.

When I was in my twenties I read a book called, When the Drummers Where Women, by Layne Redmond. It changed my life in a profound way. I suddenly realized and was, at the same time, validated – all that stuff that I grew up believing about women – that we are the bearers of all original sin, blahblahblah – all of that – was just wrong. And, quite frankly, abusive. So I rejected religion and entered the world of spirit, of universal energy or Divine energy.

Oh I believe in God.

And Goddess. I believe in the earth and the sun and the moon. I believe that we must treat each other with kindness and love and respect. And I believe that there are religious people, within all faiths, who are compassionate, loving, kind and amazing even while they walk a path that didn’t work for me. And, by the way, I’ll never preach to you. I wouldn’t want that and assume no one else would either. I only offer this information about me, on this page, as a bit of background because I know that I often refer to Spirit and/or my spiritual practice.

I try to walk an eco-feminist path. I am on the wild path of Spirit. My church is nature…an open meadow, the forest floor, and the shoreline. I believe that we are the earth in human form. And I believe, as clichéd as it sounds, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Shanti, shanti, shanti – peace, peace, peace.


1 thought on “Wild Spirituality”

  1. Loving what you’re doing here, Kim!

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